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You kind contribution of any amount will help us serve those who need our help.

Boldly Creating Life Foundation

We are thrilled to bring you art by selected established artists. We know you will be receiving beautiful quality art that you can enjoy for years to come.

Our Mission 

The Boldly Creating Life Foundation’s mission is to serve, help and empower youths, adults, groups, and communities by providing a safe caring space where individuals who are going through difficult times spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially can find support through healing, learning, and the creative arts. Our foundation will foster human growth, self-development, self-confidence, and a deeper exploration of the individual self.

It is our belief that individuals of all ages can benefit from the various forms of creative self expression through the use of imagination. We provide the expressive therapeutic art modalities such as drawing, painting, dancing, music, drama, poetry, storytelling, journaling, and other physical activity modalities to serve, help, and empower youth, adults, groups, and communities.

Our community is composed of individuals who are passionate about our mission to serve, help, and empower individuals through creative expression. We are thankful for our staff, volunteers, sponsors and donors who enable us to make our vision possible. Your tax deductible contribution allows Boldly Creating Life Foundation to foster creative expression and empowerment to our children.

Boldly Creating Life Foundation (BCLF), is a non profit 501(C)(3) organization.

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