How To Choose A Black Hair Dye According To Your Age

To choose the ideal hair tone, several factors must be taken into account, such as skin color, features and age. Black is a traditional color that works well for most women, to hit the tone it is important to follow some tips.

During youth you can bet on versatility

White women should prefer black in cool tones like bluish and brunettes should go for more natural tones. Another determining factor is age. Before the twenties and twenties you can experiment with all kinds of colorations, cuts and textures, however it is important to take into account the color of the skin to choose wisely.

Youth is the ideal time to try extravagant cuts, as long as your work and your features allow it. The same goes for colors, use them to reinvent yourself, try traditional or riskier shades of black, such as bluish black, you can even get colored rays on black hair.

Women in their thirties look more mature, plus their work and family occupations require them to have a more formal and practical look. Long or medium hair is ideal for this age, look for the option that best suits your lifestyle.

At this stage gray hairs also begin to appear, however, it will not be very difficult to hide them with any coloration. Prefer natural shades of black to dye your hair, avoid very pronounced contrasts, forget about intense black. Opt for colorations that soften the skin.

At maturity he prefers the lighter shades of black

There are some myths related to how hair should look after a certain age, such as at forty, long hair should no longer be used. Use the hair length that best suits you and that you can take better care of. At forty you should increase the care because the hair tends to become brittle, thin and gray.

He prefers layered cuts to avoid a very serious image. As for the colorations you prefer a natural shade of black, you can also use the dark base with caramel highlights or two shades lighter than the base. Very polished hairstyles will give a lot of formality to your appearance and accentuate wrinkles, avoid them.

At fifty, he prefers medium-sized hair, as it is very versatile and easy to style. He prefers layered cuts, long fringes, and undercuts. Try to use voluminous hairstyles to give a modern look to your look. If your hair is naturally black and you want to use hair of that color, prefer one or two lighter shades.

From the sixties onwards, medium hair above the shoulders or short is ideal, always choose a style that favors and highlights your features, this way you will avoid that the hair is mistreated with the colorations, in addition to the fact that the hair at this age is more fragile and thin.

It is common for older women to prefer blonde hair, however, that color does not fit all. Women with naturally dark hair can dye their hair with a dark base and make lighter highlights. Look here for additional insights: best jet black hair dye

Precautions you should take into account when dyeing your highlights

If you are over forty years old, do not radically change the tone of your hair, go for two or three shades close to a natural color. The more natural the shade of your hair looks, the younger you will look. If your hair was very black when you were young, prefer one or two lighter shades to soften your face.

Remember that over time the hair weakens, gains an opaque appearance and becomes brittle, characteristics that increase with the use of colors. So it is best to invest in moisturizing treatments such as masks, ampoules, nutritional products and heat protectors, which will keep you visibly healthy.

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